EE and the hand-off

Have you ever wondered how the telecommunication companies make their living? Everything Everywhere is a Mobile-Network-Operator which was established about seven years back on April first of 2010 and has its head quarters set up in Hatfield United Kingdom. EE has about 551 retail stores and serves about 31-million connections let it be landline, mobiles or even wholesale-networks. EE brings you the mobile-network that offers fastest speeds with the fourth generation networks and covers about 99% UK people with second generation and fourth generation mobile-networks. EE fibre-broadband has 80% coverage of UK and ADSL reaches about 98.7% of the UK residents. EE customer services are devoted department to resolve consumer grievance and may be reached on 0800-956-6000.

Hand off

Have you observed that while travelling, even if you are in a longer conversation with your peer, the calls would not break? Do you know how the calls are transferred when you travel? EE provides call completion rates of 99.6%. That means once started till the call is ended you will be on a dedicated channel that handles the calls smoothly without any interruption even when you change base stations.

  • Each receiver cell has a range which might vary from a few meters of tens to a few hundred meters. This purely depends upon the number of users that are present in that base station foot print area. More the population density lesser will be the cell size.
  • When you move from the range of one receiver cell to the other, calls are managed smoothly with hardly any role of your mobile phone in the process. If we consider our network as a hexagonal cell, on reaching the edges of the cell, signal strength decreases and it is observed by the base station and the Mobile Telephone Switching Office is made aware of the fact.
  • As you progress towards the next cell, the base station there detects the increase in your signal strength and notifies the MTSO, when the strength is fair enough in the new cell; the MTSO switches your ongoing call to the new base station. All of this happens in a fraction of seconds and it is almost impossible for us to detect this hand-off process while in a call.
  • Once shifted to the new base station, the registry records there are modified so that the incoming connection requests can easily trace where you are in the network. This process is known by the name hand-off (handing off a subscriber from one cell to the adjacent cell).
  • You know why the pilots request you to have your mobile phone turned off during flights? The main reason is that the radio systems in the aeroplane get affected by the signals sent by your phone. Also, when you change base stations at a faster pace, your phone signal strengths would vary even when not in call and can cause this interference, hence switching off your phone or putting it in the flight mode can avoid this entire nuisance to the aeroplane pilots.

EE contact number

In case any doubts, questions, complaints EE can be contacted on 0800-956-6000 for personal customers. For corporate with employee strength less than fifty reach out on 0800-956-6100 and 0800-079-0888 if the employee strength is more than fifty.