EE: Facts figures and helpline

EE is an ISP, mobile-network-operator and is a branch of the British Telecommunications-Group. It was founded with collaboration of 2 mobile-networking giants with each having half of its share in new venture that was set up in 2010. Through this merger, T-Mobile (earlier known as Deutsche-Telekom) plus Orange (formerly France-Telecom) joint-venture became largest operator in mobile sphere of trade with 30-million customer base. In month of January 2016, the British Telecommunications had acquired EE (which earlier stood for Everything-Everywhere). Having its head quarters in Hatfield, the organization has main-offices at North Tyneside, Leeds, Plymouth, Greenock, Bristol, London, Darlington, Merthyr Tydfil, and Doxford. It has about seven hundred retail stores across UK. Following section of the article details on the operations of EE. For any queries you can reach out to the dedicated EE contact number 0800 956 6000.

  • Fourth Generation Network

    The government-approved-regulatory board, Offcom in 2012 August sanctioned Everything-Everywhere to make use of excess network-capacity for launching fourth-generation mobile-networks in United Kingdom. Hence, it became a faster-network with introduction of fourth-generation services which was rolled out, in same month in which approval was received, to about eleven United Kingdom cities.

  • Payments via Mobile

    Barclaycard and Everything-Everywhere towards the end of 2011 January announced that they will be jointly starting the mobile-payment-system in 2011 summers. Near Field Communication (NFC) was introduced later with the tie-up with Mastercard in 2012 August to help EE in expanding its mobile-payments arm. Mobile payments make it easy for customers to do financial transaction without requiring internet, these are done via Short Messaging Service.

  • Voice-Calling

    In 2010 end of June, EE announced plans to improve its voice calling and hence rolled out high definition voice calling facility by end of summer through the network. The service was extended to three cities of Reading, Southampton and Bristol on a trial basis before being extended to the rest of United Kingdom in the summers of the same year.

  • Broadband

    EE came into the broadband business by using UK-broadband-service offered by Orange and it is said that as of 2015 April, EE had about nine hundred thousand customers for its broadband services. It also offered free TV service to its users.

  • Virtual-Networks

    Three mobile operators along with EE agreed, under the Mobile Virtual Network Operator agreement to launch the virtual network service in 2010 December.

Quick help-lines

For any issues, doubts and questions regarding billing or anything feel free to call on the EE helpline number 0800 956 6000, 07953 966 250 for T mobile customers 07953 966 150. If you wish to join the EE network call on 0800 956 6000 open on weekdays from 8 in the morning to 9 at night, and on weekends 8 in the morning to 8 at night. The customer services are open for customers with the same timing. In case if you have lost your phone or if it has been stolen you can report it to the service centre which will be open 24x7.