EE: Quick Help

Do you know what does EE stand for? What it is and how to reach out to it in case of grievances and queries? Well, EE stands for Everything Everywhere. It is a British mobile-network and internet-service-provider which was set up in the year 2010 with a collaboration of two giant mobile-network operators, the Duetsche Telecom and France Telecom each having fifty percent share in the joint-venture. Having its head quarters set up in Hatfield, United Kingdom, EE has a consumer base of thirty-million users and is also the largest fourth generation service operator in United Kingdom. In 2016 British Telecommunications (mostly known by the name BT) had acquired the EE Telecommunications Company. The brand, EE, was retained after the acquisition though. As per the latest information available as of November 23, 2016, EE accounts for reaching 99% UK Population through its second and fourth generation mobile networks. For any queries and complaints EE customer services is ready to help you out.

Working of Networks

Do you know how the calls are connected in the background when you dial number of one of your friends, family members or school mates? The process is a bit complicated but the call connection is handled smoothly through the networks, even if you are travelling, without your knowledge. And these systems run 24x7 without any break even if it is a public holiday or any off days.

Explaining in simple words, when you dial a number using mobile phones the nearest receiver site catches the radio signals sent out by your phone and forwards it to the base Station from the receiver (which is mostly a tall tower with lot of dish like equipments).

Now the system should know where the destination number is, for that the base station searches through the registries held in its possession to see whether the destination phone number has a record in it. If not, it will ask other base stations to revert back with the information. Once found the destination base station contacts the tower located nearest to the destined mobile (How does it know which is the nearest one to the destination?) and once the device is found signals are sent to it informing the incoming call. The destination mobile phone (and all the mobile phone that we use now-a-days), makes a check for any incoming signals at frequent intervals. If found it initiates the ringing process and the phone rings and you can hear the dialler tone. When the person at other end picks up the phone the connection is said to be established and the system maintains the state till it is disconnected by any one end. The billing machines get triggered on when the call is picked up.

Quick EE help-lines

For questions regarding your service you can reach out to the EE contact numbers 0800 956 6000 in case of private customers and for corporate it is 0800 956 6100 (up to fifty employees) and 0800 079 0888 (if the employee count in the organization is greater than fifty)